How New Advancements In CNC Machining Technology Enhance Machining and Fabrication Projects

Our company has roots in the metalworking industry going back to 1923, and when we think of how our forefathers used manual processes to fabricate precise metal parts, their efforts and commitment seem nothing less than heroic.

That’s because today’s fabrication facilities are outfitted with modern technology that helps projects get completed in much less time, far less labour, and at a much more attractive price point.

The Importance Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Traditionally, many large businesses operated with a single-minded purpose: to maximize profits, whether by cutting costs, raising prices, or strategically hiring. 

However, it’s now much more commonplace for business leaders to look beyond profits, using their resources to help create a better society today while contributing to a more sustainable world for future generations. This is call corporate social responsibility.

7 Important Safety Practices In Machining And Fabrication

An integral part of our daily operations at Arrow Off-Road is implementing several procedures and protocols that foster a culture of safety in all of our facilities. Although protecting our team members who work with heavy equipment and hazardous chemicals is critical to our business, we also apply safety practices to protect non-production personnel and site visitors.

Metalworking’s Role In Environmental Sustainability And Conservation

Adopting sustainability initiatives has been a top priority for forward-thinking business owners for decades. These leaders want to reduce their company’s environmental impact and work with partners, vendors, and suppliers who share their commitment to reducing their industry’s carbon footprint. 

Far from solely contributing to environmental degradation, metalworking holds significant potential to foster environmental sustainability and help shape a greener future for future generations.

The Advantages Of Converting From Fabricated Assemblies To Castings

At Arrow Off-Road, we understand that our customers prioritize quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness in their products. That’s why we constantly adopt innovative approaches to production that help our customers reach their objectives.

One such strategy gaining prominence is the conversion of fabricated assemblies to castings, or what we call “Fab to Cast”, when developing our products.

Enhancing Strength And Safety With Ballistic Welding

When applications require the joining of materials that are typically challenging due to their unique properties, such as hardness or thickness, fabricators turn to a specialized technique known as ballistic welding to create a seamless and robust bond.

TIG vs. MIG Welding: Which Is Best For Your Application?

Welding is an integral component of the metal fabrication process, providing a means to join materials seamlessly and create durable structures that stand the test of time. Several types of welding are available, each with unique characteristics, benefits, and applications.

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