7 Important Safety Practices In Machining And Fabrication

May 17, 2024
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An integral part of our daily operations at Arrow Off-Road is implementing several procedures and protocols that foster a culture of safety in all of our facilities. Although protecting our team members who work with heavy equipment and hazardous chemicals is critical to our business, we also apply safety practices to protect non-production personnel and site visitors.

Here are some of the policies we have in place to make safety an everyday part of our operations:

Ensuring The Proper And Safe Use Of Equipment, Machines, And Tools

Our team members are fully trained and qualified to use the necessary equipment to complete tasks. They’re also required to attend and successfully complete all relevant safety training programs so they have a clear understanding of machine inspection requirements, emergency procedures, and other policies that ensure consistent workplace safety.

If our team members have any questions, a floor supervisor is always available to provide advice and ensure operational standards are met. We also keep the user manuals for all of our tools and equipment on hand for ready reference.  

Providing The Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) For Team Member Tasks

Requiring our team members to wear the appropriate safety gear when working with dangerous machinery or hazardous materials is paramount to ensuring on-the-job safety. The type of gear they wear depends on the particular situation, and can include hand and skin protection (safety gloves and long sleeves), eyewear, respiratory masks, welding helmets, non-slip, oil-resistant footwear, and earplugs or headphones.

All of our PPE is certified to provide reliable first-line defense against injuries for industrial applications. 

Early Reporting Protocols

We strongly encourage our team members to report potential safety issues as soon as they’re identified. Early reporting allows us to mitigate potential risks that can lead to workplace accidents.

For example, if a piece of machinery appears cracked or has components that have become loose, our team members know which procedures to follow to report the concern. Our supervisory team keeps ongoing documentation of these reports and will respond promptly to resolve the issue efficiently.  

Regular Safety Audits In Machining And Fabrication

Arrow empowers authorized personnel to conduct regular safety inspections to log machine maintenance requirements, identify potentially unsafe practices, and develop recommendations to improve workplace safety. Audit checklists ensure that every safety aspect of our offices and production floor is accounted for.

Our audits are also used to determine the cause of any mishaps so we can implement preventative tactics that can be applied where needed.

Posted Safety Checklists For Teams During Machining And Fabrication

We post checklists in highly visible, easy-to-find locations in our facility to help remind our team members of the safety steps they’re required to follow. For example, we post checklists on individual workstations detailing the machine’s safe starting, usage, and shutdown procedures. We also display them throughout our locations to detail emergency protocols, such as in the event of a fire. 

Our checklists are updated as needed, and when new or revised ones are posted, we make a general announcement to our team so everyone is aware of any new policies.  

Allowing Frequent Breaks For Team Members

Arrow’s leadership team understands that employees are less focused and alert when they become fatigued. When exhausted, the risk of missed safety protocols or unsafe behavior that can lead to accidents increases.

To mitigate these risks, we encourage our team members to take frequent breaks so they can rest, refresh themselves, and return to their duties adequately focused.

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Complying With Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA) Guidelines

Ontario requires manufacturing operators to comply with a wide range of occupational safety and health requirements. Arrow adheres to these requirements to help protect our team members in emergencies and from potential dangers. 

These regulations include emergency action plans, exit route regulations, fire prevention protocols, hazard communication standards, and trip hazard inspections. We take these guidelines seriously and ensure that we are always in compliance to add a layer of protection for everyone on-site.

We’re always happy to answer questions about how our workplace safety protocols make us a more efficient and responsible supplier of your off-road parts and components. Contact us anytime to learn more!

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